Friday, June 5, 2009

New shoes!!!

I've been wanting to buy these shoes for a long time, but I found the pattern and made them myself! They are so cute on boys or girls. I made these for Brighton. If anyone wants any, let me know!!!!!!!!!


  1. Those are adorable! So sad my girls can't wear them! I would like to order a pair of those and a hat for my friend Fran. She is due in October. Her shower is at the end of August. I like the green and brown. Can you do a brown hat? Thanks!

  2. I do...I do! Put me in for an order, just suprise me on the color :)

  3. I LOVE them!!!! So cute! And don't worry about Brighton...if I'd seen a girl with that much snot running out of her nose, I'd have screamed too. :)

    It was good to see you guys Saturday. Are you planning to go to the wedding?